Discerning The Will Of God




In an intoxicating world inundated with so many choices in life, there is a real need for Christians to discern and know the will of God for our lives.
Divine guidance is necessary.

In this book, Pastor Benny demystifies the concept of God’s call and presents a simple framework through which we can view God’s will.

He also unveils eight keys that will help us to discern the will of God in a particular matter.
Some common pitfalls to avoid are also addressed so that we can soar on the wings of God’s divine guidance, experiencing faith and trust as we follow God’s leading step by step.
This insightful book will:
  • Help you to know God’s will and be willing to do God’s will.
  • Enable you to invite God’s favor.
  • Transform you so that you reflect God’s glory.
  • Inspire you to pursue intimacy with God: hearing, believing and obeying His Word.

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