Arrows College

Arrows derived her name from Isaiah 49:1-3 which speaks of arrows being sharpened, polished and kept in the quiver until the Divine Archer release them to their destiny.

Arrows College was birthed in Perth, Western Australia in 2000 and officially registered in 2003 with the aim to envision, empower and equip a harvest force of seekers, servants, soldiers who will impact their churches, communities, and countries.

It is an interdenominational training school to serve the Body of Christ. We have independent multiple centers in various countries such as Cambodia, the Philippines, and a restricted access nation.

Since 2003, we have successfully trained and released Christians from various denominations, backgrounds, and vocations to serve in their local churches, communities, and marketplace.

Arrows College – Philippines

Arrows School of Ministry – Philippines

Arrows-Brighton School of Leadership (Cambodia)

The Arrows-Brighton School of Leadership (ABS) is a 6-week disciple training course that empowers Christian leaders to become visionary leaders in their community and schools. With a Bible-based curriculum providing training in prayer and worship leading, evangelism and missions, the programme enables Cambodians to gain a foundation of practical skills relating to finance management, facilitation and servant leadership and to build on them.


· Focus: Training Christian Leaders and Church-planters to plant churches and make disciples in their community

· 30 Cambodian students from Phnom Penh and other provinces

· Inclusive of capstone project due in final week where students find a problem and solve for it using the design thinking approach

· Taught in English with Khmer translation.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Bible Overview: Have a good understanding of the 66 books of the Bible and be able to coherently teach and explain the various books of the Bible in relation to the Gospel

2. Prayer Altar: Building a lifestyle of honouring the presence of God resulting in the transformation of our lives and nation.

3. Worship Leading: Being a worshipper, worship leading and living the lifestyle.

4. Hearing from God: The practice of a quiet heart to hear and to walk in obedience.

5. Character counts: Learn why we work, biblical finance management as a steward of God’s resources and principles of Spiritual Leadership.

6. Alpha Facilitator training: Receive training as Facilitators for the Alpha course, an evangelistic course which seeks to introduce the basics of the Christian faith through a series of talks and discussions.

7. Missions & me: An understanding of the Christian movement in missions, on our calling, the biblical backdrop, history, strategy of missions and how we can be a part of it.

8. Learn to work in a team, lead and pitch ideas confidently through a capstone project using principles of design thinking

 (The capstone project solves for how the church can contribute to a social issue in the student’s immediate community)

Registration starts on 6 March, 2020.

For more details, contact:   +855 969 207 772


Arrows College @Cambodia
Arrows College @Cambodia is an interdenominational training school serving the Body of Christ. Arrows seek to equip every member to become servant leaders rooted in biblical literacy, strong spiritual orientation, and contemporary relevance, impacting their churches, communities, and countries for the glory of God.

Brighton College
Brighton College is committed to train and equip disciples of Christ for faithful witness and effective ministry. Engaging top-class educators to equip students with valuable theological education and practical application of their knowledge, we believe that every Christian is called to be a minister of our Lord Jesus Christ in their home, in the church, and in their God-given vocation.